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G Garayev


During this period Garayev was involved in painful, severe thoughts, paying critical attention to the activity of the forties and fifties, faced with necessity to define his art style.

It' s necessary to point one fact of his biography to understand better problems, which troubled him.

Garayev visited the USA with delegation of soviet composers in 1961. In Los-Angeles during the music festival composer's two suites from ballet "In storm roads" were sounded. The color of technique sounded in festivals works, which was prohibited in the USSR for very long period of time, the variety of methodology was astonishing.

The sad confession of Garayev after returning from the USA is symbolic: "We are 50 years behind in music". But at the same time the audience in Los Angeles impacted significantly on his activity. The composer made changes in hic activity showing strong character and will. writes, "I could mercilessly break myself". was one of the firsts in the USSR, who investigate and began to use the 12-tonned technique.

The results of his turn are very convincing: The third symphony (1964) and Violin concert (1967) the important works of the Soviet music, they live in creativity of many soviet artisans.

R. Shedrin emphasizing historical significance of these works writes that Garayev by his speeches in the USSR Composers Union and concrete creation played very important role in the development of soviet music in more natural way in the 60th years.

Of course, the composer didnt follow the technique blindly; he tried to prove the possibility of combination of new forms of art with national matters. During that period was full of interesting ideas. .g., the composer was searching the way of creation "mugam based on series technique" by combination of non-repeating 12-tonned suite with Azerbaijan voice layers.

His sincere confession Garayev solves more important matter in Violin concert he succeeds in expressing the principles of national music. It' s not coincidence, that this work which seemed to be without national features should be understood like the best quality of Azerbaijan people-the way of its thinking, character, the expression of temperament.

Was the emotional context of Garayev's music damaged in works of 60 years? The matter is that "l like calm and clear feelings"- saying Garayev in his early works pressed such passions of his internal seriousness. In general, the composer denies some minds creating the East world: in spite of feelings, color, rhythms, there dominates deep psychology and thin intellect. Due to critics, the philosophic context of Violin concert expresses the magic strength as first the intellectual power of the West art and the "East wisdom".

Garayev was also great composer, great thinker, bright speaker, and the master of sharp word. His scientific-public heritage written during 40 years various articles, lectures nationality and internationality, traditions and innovator, rising new generation and gives other important problems of deep scientific analysis.

Garayev was pointed as founder of national composer school. In 1946 after the graduation of national composer school, he began to manage the composition class of Azerbaijan Conservatoire, spending more than 30 years for this difficult and complicated thing. Among the World famous Garayaev's composer school was .Khanmamedov, A.Melikov, X.Mirzazade, V.Adigezalov, M.Mirzoev, T.Bakikhanov, , F.Garayev, F.Alizade, P.Bulbuloglu, I.Hajibekov, , S.Ibragimova, .Dadashov, R.Hasanova, .Dadashova, O.Zulfugarov and others who enriched the Azerbaijan music with their works. After the achievement of independence by Azerbaijan Republic during the period of high velocity of integration to worlds art processes the works of Azerbaijan composers often sounded at the most respectable international festivals, and achieves great success in comparing with the music of the West. This is the victory of the Garayevs school, his art and pedagogic principles.

Garayev's name surrounded with great esteem and love. The composer's name were given to one of the Baku prospects, metro station, music school, ship, State Camera orchestra in order to perpetuate his name. Besides the material character monuments the music monuments devoted to his honor are more important. we can admit various works dedicated to his memory, the festival "Music of 20 century" carrying out his name, concert program of pianist R.Rzayev "Garayev's circle". The roles and episodes in this program played by Azerbaijani composers belonging to the various generations. This program always being renewed demonstrates the borderless of Garayev's creation.

The quantity of literature devoted to the composer raises year by year, his works embellish the repertoires of famous singers.

Garayev entered to the world art history with his huge, brave, astonishing achievements and surely has special place in the music of 20 century. Years will pass, the future generations will benefit from Garayevs music origin, the performers will find new features in his works, and the researches will investigate the essence of his art. The human beings living in various places of the planet regardless of their nation, beliefs will enjoy, morally rise, and become more beautiful after the meeting with Garayevs bright, noble, high-minded art.



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